Datin Dr. Cherlin Cheah,

the brain behind the brand - Felement. A renowned speaker and lecturer who has expertise in Feng Shui, Numerology and Astrology for over a decade. She was born humble, her life has never been a smooth sailing, it was full of storm & hardships, but that doesn't stop her from pursuing her passion and the life she had always dreamed of. It's her persistence, positive energy & strong belief that brought her victory and turned her into a successful life-transformation coach.

Her real-life experience makes her believe that the embodiment of hope and strong belief makes a huge difference in life. Hence, she started her Feng Shui journey. She wanted to help people like her to restore energy and to take control of their own life. In just 15 years, she has helped over 330,000 people over the world to regain hope, balance and harmony as intended in life. 

While human has limitations, Cherlin knows that what she can commit is limited. On the other hand, she wants her expertise to reach more people, or even better, to be inherited. The only way she could think of is to turn her expertise into something physical. Much as she is passionate about Feng Shui, she is immersed with fragrance too and has been practising aromachology for over 20 years. After years of research & development, going through ups and downs, rejection and affirmation, Cherlin has did it once again,

and here comes her newborn -


Fragrance that Influence